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SoCo Contracting provides construction/project management and general contracting services for government, as well as private clients. SoCo Contracting specializes in cost estimating, scheduling, value-engineering, and project management services for new construction as well as renovation projects.

SoCo Contracting’s mission is:

"To Represent the Highest Level of Construction Services, Continually Strive to Deliver High-Quality Projects, and Achieve the Highest Degree of Customer Satisfaction.”

Our familiarity with local, state, and federal work as well as our network of readily available resources provide SoCo Contracting with inherent advantages in marketing our services and managing the company’s projects most effectively.


All estimating is performed by SoCo Contracting’s Project Management Team and is cross-checked by Senior Estimating Consultant. The basic responsibilities of the estimating team are:


All Project Management Team Members will be involved in the estimating process and will continue his/her roles as a manager if/once a project is awarded. Project Management responsibilities include the following:

SoCo has provided and continues to provide general contracting and project management services for customers including the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Army Corp. of Engineers (USACE), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP), and the City of Atlanta and plans to diligently pursue new opportunities as well as to build on existing relationships.